A list of locations I have recalled vividly in the last week, without prompting, explanation, or remorse

1. A parking lot near the highway between a restaurant and a jazz club in Cleveland OH - May 2011 Some now-forgotten special occasion, or maybe just Sunday brunch, has brought my family to this chilly restaurant parking lot near the highway that separates the city from Lake Erie. We’re saying a long goodbye, trying not to shiver in the breeze coming off the lake while the cars rush by in the distance.

January 3, 2021

A New Start

After several years of telling myself that I’d update my website both to look more professional and to be easier to update, I have finally done it. Welcome! This new website uses the static site generator Hugo, which has many powerful features that I will never need (but if I ever want to publish an RSS feed, I can do it!). However, it is fast and the structure and workflow make more sense to me than other generators I have used, so I will stick with it.

August 26, 2020
Nifty tech tag lists from Wouter Beeftink